Water treatment
Well water filtration; water treatment plant; sludge removal; high-pressure cleaning water filtration; removal of silt and seaweed in seawater; recovery of ion exchange resin; removal of calcium crystals; filtration of water treatment chemicals; filtration of cooling water; pretreatment before membrane filtration, etc.
Chemical industry
Recycling of precious metals and catalysts; removing scale in water pipes; filtering acid, lye, and solvents; filtering emulsions and dispersions; filtering colloids in resins; removal of activated carbon after decolorization and adsorption of toxic substances; production of titanium dioxide; production of PVC ; Filtration of flue gas desulfurization liquid; filtration of various plastics, fuels and lubricant additives.
Hydraulic oil filtration; pretreatment filtration; precious metal recovery; cutting fluid, grinding fluid filtration; cleaning fluid filtration, etc.
Food and beverage
Filtration of mineral water, beer, white wine, rice wine, beverages, dairy products, etc.; separation of decolorants and activated carbon from edible oil; filtration during the production of vinegar and soy sauce; filtration of syrup, concentrated fruit juice and corn syrup; clear carbon in fiber Powder, sticky substance in gelatin, etc.
Filtration of lubricating oil and fuel additives; petroleum recovery; filtration of amine liquid and glycol liquid; distillation and fractionation process; amine liquid cleaning machine; offshore platform filter station; oil drilling and injection liquid, etc.
Automotive industry
Degreasing fluid, water washing, electrophoresis paint, topcoat, varnish, primer, paint loop, etc. filtration; parts cleaning fluid, surface treatment agent, lubricating oil, metal cutting fluid, grinding fluid filtration, pure water pretreatment, etc.
Paint, paint
Removal of paint condensation fast; solvent filtration; removal of impurities formed in storage; filtration on packaging lines and mixing lines; monomer purification, etc.
Recovery of expensive active elements; recovery of catalysts; filtration of gelatin, hormones, and biological concentrates; removal of proteins in plasma; filtration of saline; decarbonization filtration of large infusions, water injections, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc., fermentation broth, oral liquid, Biopharmaceuticals, filtration of Chinese medicines, etc.
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