Production manager
Position: Salesperson                Number of people: 8

Salary: 3500 yuan / month + annual Commission Job responsibilities:
1) Familiar with the product situation and master the business process; 2) Carry out sales work according to department sales plan and complete sales task; 3) Sign sales contracts with customers on behalf of the company, and the signed contracts are handed over to the sales manager to connect with the production; 4) Keep abreast of the production progress with the sales assistant, collect the goods according to the contract, inform the sales assistant to deliver the goods, and inform the sales manager to arrange the invoice; 5) On the last working day of each week, the sales manager shall submit the sales work summary and the travel plan for the next week; 6) For customers, do a good job in the management of business processes to prevent errors; 7) Provide comprehensive sales service to customers; 8) Collect market information and user feedback; 9) Deal with customer's opinions and complaints, and report in time; 10) Promote the company's brand, establish and maintain the company's image. Job requirements:
1. University degree or above; 2. He is enthusiastic and cheerful; 3. Can bear hardships and stand hard work Contact: Mr. Jiang   13362890899

Address:No.136,Golf Road, Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Contacts:Mr. Jiang :13362890899
                  Mr.Wang :13336155470
                  Mr.Gao    :19941248023
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Tube bag filter
Gas filtration products
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Record number: Zhejiang ICP No. 16043436